Meet Your Hosts, Greg & Rahul

A Bit About Us

Greg and Rahul bumped into each other years ago at a marketing meetup in Toronto in 2015. Over the years, Greg and Rahul have shared countless conversations about how the world of business, especially startups, work. How they start, how they fail, but most importantly, how they grow. One day they decided to "press record", and The Growth Equation was born.

Greg Leach has led high performance growth teams at organizations such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Opencare. Greg also advises startups on building sustainable growth strategies. Find Greg on Linkedin and at

Rahul Goel is the founder of an event management software company, PheedLoop, and loves to wear every hat - from coder to closer. Rahul runs a non-profit, MangoMoon, and he is an aerospace engineer, pilot, gamer, and motorcycle enthusiast. Find Rahul on Linkedin.

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